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Technical Haramzada

Technical Haramzada Technical Guruji Exposed by Paksitan



technical haramzada


In this Article, I’m going to reply to the Indian Most popular Tech YouTube Channel which is Called Technical Guruji. But we call it as Technical Haramzada. 


technical haramzada


Who is Gaurav Chaudhary?


Gaurav Chaudhary, known as Ghatiya Technical Guruji, is a Nichi Soch Wala YouTuber, with baghairat personality, and Naam ka engineer. He explains Technology by Maaring rutta from Google. His Ghatiya Content is liked all over the world.


Actual Scene of Technical Haramzada


Before few days, This Technical Haramzada used the abusive words for the country: Pakistan. It offended all Pakistan citizens. And most of the Pakistani YouTubers (Including VideoWaliSarkar, Zubair Chinioti, Online Taleem) had replied him in the form of videos. But here I’m trying to expose him by writing the article. This person has over 11M subscribers at this time. But his level of thinking is zero. He is one of the immature persons.


He only thinks about his views. He had already cheated his senior YouTubers including Sharmaji Technical and Gadgets to use. Sagar from Technical Sagar had also tried to expose him in the past. But This Technical Haramzada didn’t learn anything from him.


I hate this Technical Haramzada. Why he used abusive language for our country? Why we forgive him? He said that if you search “Best toilet paper in the world” on Google. Then it appears the Pakistani Flag.


He should know that His Prime Minister Modi is the worst prime minister in the word. My dear Guruji firstly go and search about Namak haram country and then search for “Technical Haramzada.” I hope you will love it.


Click here to go directly: Haramzada


Reply from Hasnain Haider


Reply from Pakistan.

Exposed by WishingMagic


Hasnain Haider is a tech Geek. He is highly interested in Sharing Traditional Quotes with people. Besides his interest in Technology, he also shares other Information. He is part time blogger and content Writer.

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